Monday, November 14, 2011

Kauai & Maui 2011

Every year there is a national convention for Renny's industry (HVAC-R) which we can attend, and this year we REALLY lucked was in Maui!!!! Renny's parents, sister & boyfriend, my mom, and us all went together for a 10 day vacation. We went to Kauai first for five days then over to Maui for five days.  Boy did we have a ton of luggage with 2 kids, but it was a great time! Both kiddos did great on the plane, and really only managed to have one major meltdown the whole time! (quite a few "mini" meltdowns, but only one major, haha! I was pleased!) August was amazing and had a super fun time in the pool. He was very intrigued by the fountains in the kiddie pool and loved to sit and swipe his arms thru them :) Teagan is FEARLESS in the water! She was going down the water slide backwards and jumping off 5 ft platforms into the deep end! She loved the lazy river at the pool in Maui...she just floated on her back and kicked her feet all day long. I had to work to keep up with her! It was fun having the whole family there. Here are some cute pictures:

KAUAI Pics :)

 MAUI Pics :)


Brenna said...

I'm going next time!! You're kids are adorable:)

Inessa said...

What a fun time. Cora told me all About Teagans fearlessness and on stage performances