Monday, August 29, 2011

August is 3 Months Old!

Wait...WHAT??? Yes, another month has already flown by and my little August is 3 months old. He has grown SO much. He is 14lbs and getting bigger by the minute! His personality is really coming out and he has got to be the MOST happy and cuddly little guy that I have ever known... and I love it!!! He loves his mommy :) He is always smiling and is laughing so much. He loves to kick his legs all the time and is starting to grab toys! He's found out he has hands and every once in a while really stares at his little feet like he's beginning to make the connection. He is also quite the talker! He is sleeping for 10-12 hours a night and taking 3 short naps during the day...he is so good to his mommy! August is also Teagan's biggest fan...he can't get enough of his big sister and that makes Teagan very, very happy. She is always entertaining him. He loves his bath time. Here are some pictures from this past month..enjoy!
Much happier in the jumper!

Visiting at Nini's house!

little monkey

wearing the booties knitted for him by one of Nini's friends

Teagan is reading to her little brother...I think he's listening!

cuddle time!

LOVE this smile

This is what August sees most of the time :)

Tummy time!

happy in the bumbo seat!


waiting for daddy at the dentist...

So squeezable!

my favorite little man :)

Teagan's First Trip to the Dentist Part 2!

Teagan made it onto the dentist's website!! Check her out!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teagan's First Trip to the Dentist!

On August 18th, all four of us drove over to the dentist together for Teagan's first dentist appointment! Both Renny and I were scheduled for our regular check up, so I called and had Teagan added in with us.  I talked with her about it the night before and Teagan was worried..."I don't want to go to the dentist, Mommy, I'm scared!" After I explained what would happen she seemed a little more at ease, but I was worried about how it would go down the next morning! Boy were we surprised when it was her turn! I let Teagan watch while the dentist looked at my teeth (luckily no cavities!!), and when Dr. Alyson asked her if she could look at her teeth...she was actually excited! She followed Dr. Alyson into her room and when I offered to sit in the chair and have Teagan on my lap, she said "I do it all myself mommy! It's my turn." Dr. Alyson was so awesome with Teagan and really made her feel comfortable. She counted Teagan's teeth (she has 20!), and polished them. She was very proud of her "shiny" teeth when she was finished and LOVED that she got to pick a toy from their toy chest.

 August didn't want to feel left out with the "firsts" so he had his 1st poopy diaper that went ALL over both him and his carseat :(  To add to the fun of cleaning this up, a Japanese Beatle thought it would be fun to circle us for the duration of the diaper change! Teagan got a good laugh watching me scream :)

Teagan is a Super Swimmer!

Teagan's swim school, Deep Blue Long Beach, has a 6 step program for their swimmers. Each level has specific accomplishments and the kids receive a sticker when each one is reached.  When all the accomplishments for a level are completed, they get a ribbon to reward them! On August 15th, Teagan completed level 2 (Octopus)...yay!!! She was SO excited to get another ribbon and she also got the first sticker for level 3 (Sea Turtle)!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Palm Desert

This past weekend we took a trip out to Palm Desert with my mom and Renny's parents.  It was Teagan's 3rd time out there and August's 1st!  Teagan was SO excited about swimming in the pool and going to The Living Desert.  It was a cool 105 degrees outside, which we expected, but what we weren't expecting was the humidity! That made the hot seem much hotter!  We got out there in time for dinner at Roy's, then came back to the house for some swimming! Teagan was nervous about the pool for all of about 30 seconds, then it was near impossible to drag her out :) On Saturday morning, we got to The Living Desert right when it opened to try and avoid the intense heat.  We saw so many animals and walked around for almost 2 hours before I thought it was getting to hot for little August.  We went home from there and played at the house for a couple of hours before leaving again to grab lunch.  After lunch, there was no stopping Teagan from some pool time! She was nonstop...Jumping into the deep end, climbing onto rafts and then throwing herself off, trying to touch the bottom, and racing back and forth between all of us was all she wanted to do! I didn't think she would ever get out and after going like that for a couple hours straight, only the promise of a popsicle did the trick. We came inside and watched Sleeping Beauty, hoping Teagan would fall asleep, but that didn't happen...she was still up and ready to play! When little August woke up from him nap, Renny and Teagan came with me to get him out of bed. I walked out of the room with him, but Renny and Teagan stayed in the room to play some more. After just a little bit, it seemed all too quiet. I walked back to the room to find Renny asleep on the bed with Teagan cuddled right up against precious!!! Renny woke up about 2 hours later, but Teagan slept until the next morning! I guess all that swimming and being out in the sun caught up to her :) Here are some cute pictures from the weekend:
 The Giraffes at the Living Desert

 We just couldn't get both Teagan and the giraffes to look at the camera at the same time :)

 Striped Hyenas!


 This leopard thought Teagan looked like breakfast


 August wasn't very impressed :)
 Back at the house!


 Flowers in the front beautiful!