Monday, August 29, 2011

August is 3 Months Old!

Wait...WHAT??? Yes, another month has already flown by and my little August is 3 months old. He has grown SO much. He is 14lbs and getting bigger by the minute! His personality is really coming out and he has got to be the MOST happy and cuddly little guy that I have ever known... and I love it!!! He loves his mommy :) He is always smiling and is laughing so much. He loves to kick his legs all the time and is starting to grab toys! He's found out he has hands and every once in a while really stares at his little feet like he's beginning to make the connection. He is also quite the talker! He is sleeping for 10-12 hours a night and taking 3 short naps during the day...he is so good to his mommy! August is also Teagan's biggest fan...he can't get enough of his big sister and that makes Teagan very, very happy. She is always entertaining him. He loves his bath time. Here are some pictures from this past month..enjoy!
Much happier in the jumper!

Visiting at Nini's house!

little monkey

wearing the booties knitted for him by one of Nini's friends

Teagan is reading to her little brother...I think he's listening!

cuddle time!

LOVE this smile

This is what August sees most of the time :)

Tummy time!

happy in the bumbo seat!


waiting for daddy at the dentist...

So squeezable!

my favorite little man :)

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Inessa said...

he has changed some much compared the the last few months. you are lucky and blessed to have such a good little addition to your family.