Friday, March 15, 2013

March 2013: Angels Spring Training!

We had another great trip out to Arizona to see some Angels Spring Training games this year! I just went back and looked...this was our 5th year going! I love this tradition. Steph and I got a lot of players to sign a ball for each of us and Teagan and August both got a game ball as well! It is such a fun time!

Big girl didn't mind sitting away from us on the plane?!

down time in our room 

movie time!

Friday, March 1, 2013

February 2013: More Fun Times!

Looking back thru all my photos, I remembered that we really did a lot during this month! Trips to the park, Disneyland, and just playing at home created some good memories for us. Teagan even discovered that she could sneak into our bedroom, before Renny and I went to bed, lock our door and go to sleep! That stinker did it probably three different times in a month...good thing she's so cute and Renny had a set of alan wrenches :)

Cousin fun with Kyle!

August and Samuel!

This is how we found Teagan after we broke into our own bedroom...

Carousel fun!!

Dylan and August!

Silly Girl

Park Fun!


They loved this almost more than the playground!

Teagan gave up on locking herself in our room and just settled for the floor outside our door!

New toy from Grandma Cora!

Another park day!

Dropping big sis off at school

love this one of my little man

He had just figured out how to turn on the sprinklers...

Pirate August!

Daddy love