Saturday, February 25, 2012

August is 9 Months!

August is 9 months old and I would really like him to just stop growing's going WAY too fast!  He melts my heart when he showers me with hugs & kisses. He remains the sweetest little guy, but has definitely changed some as well!
  • He is really getting serious about trying to figure out the whole walking thing... he stands and just tries to walk off, but immediately remembers that he doesn't actually know how to walk and falls down.  However, this boy just gets right back up to try it again! Let's just hope it takes him a few more months!!
  • He still doesn't really like baby food too much. He'll eat a few kinds, but gives me a look as though he is not enjoying, but tolerating it :) He LOVES the organic yogurt melts though! 
  • He is making lots of new sounds... tatata, nanana, gagaga
  • His new favorite trick is snorting...followed by a giant giggle session since he is so proud of himself
  • He is the biggest goofball! He is constantly laughing and smiling
  • He waves bye bye (sometimes, haha!) and claps, too!
  • He loves to try and copy what Teagan is doing...if she coughs, he tries to cough louder, if she laughs then he must laugh also
  • He LOVES to make noise...banging his hands on anything that will be loud, smacking toys together, screaming just to hear his voice
  • He still wants his mommy all the time and doesn't like it much when I leave him or put him down
  • He is loving swim lessons
Here are some cute pictures taken over the past month:

That is Teagan UNDERNEATH him...he already loves to tackle her!

Giggly boy!

In the pool with Mr. Scott

My little Valentine

Please stop taking pictures now!

Valentine's Day 2012

   Valentine's Day was so much fun this year! I set up the party in Teagan's preschool class and had SO much fun watching all the kids interact with each other. They are all so cute! Teagan decorated her own valentines for everyone in the class and we made pink, heart-shaped rice krispy treats to go with them! I attempted to make heart-shaped cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but they turned out looking like plain old cinnamon rolls...I didn't even bother taking a picture, but they were just as yummy! Renny and I met up with some friends for a super fancy dinner at the 49'er Tavern in Long Beach (wink, wink) for a beer and a hamburger. My mom came over to watch the kids, so I cut up some strawberries for dessert and bought Charlie Brown Valentine for them to watch together. Here are some cute pics:

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Teagan: Just Because...

She's cute. She gets bigger everyday and I don't want to forget any of these special moments.
  • Right now Teagan loves to sing and dance. Every time we get into the car, she asks me to put on Taylor Swift for her and she belts it out! (She only knows some of the words, but that doesn't stop her from humming loudly to the rest, haha!) 
  • She has also really gotten into drawing more pictures and making you watch as she draws them. 
  • Teagan's new favorite past-time is to follow everything I say with a question... "why mom?" "Why does that lady have pajamas on in the grocery store?" 
  • She is much more adjusted to having August around. She calls him buddy, Augusto, Gusto, Gussy-Gus, Goosey...but mostly, buddy. It is adorable. 
  • She L.O.V.E.S Preschool
  • She is really becoming a great swimmer
  • She cracks me up all the time with the funny things she says to us. I told her one day that she was so smart and she looked at me and said, "I know mom. I'm a genius." 
  • She MUST have cuddle time with Daddy every night, in our bed. 
  • She is creeping ever so slowly out of her terrible two's (I did say slowly, right?) and is beginning to be much more of her sweet little self again. 
She is so precious and we love her so much. I wish we could freeze time and keep her this way forever, but she'll be going off to college before we know it! :(

In the video below, she was watching a baseball show with Renny where they were going over stats. I guess she was listening more than we thought because she looked at us and said, "The proof is in the numbers!"