Friday, January 7, 2011

The Cuteness that is Teagan

Not sure exactly when it happened, but to say that Teagan is asserting herself as a big 2 year old is an understatement... she has turned into my little monster :) I must say that I am very thankful that she seems to reserve all the beastly behavior for us at home! She behaves really well when others are around.  Just when I think I'm going to lose my mind...she reminds me that she is still my sweet little Teagan at heart! Example:  Yesterday morning, she woke up and came to get me. I walked her back to her room to change her diaper and when I sat down (ready for a challenge about changing the diaper) she gave me a hug and said, "I love you sooo much Mommy. I love you all the nights in the whole world!" I had to hold back the hormonal preggo tears... if only she could understand how much I loved hearing that!  It was just what I needed to replay in my mind throughout the day each time she responded to my words with things like this: "No Mom! (not mommy anymore, just mom when she's mad) No, I will NOT to that!" I remember when I thought a simple "no" was frustrating, but now she gives complete sentences as to why she will not do something.

Teagan got some "piggy paint" in her stocking this Christmas, and was dying to have me paint her nails the other night... so much fun!
We followed it up with a fun walk around Seal with Daddy :)

Teagan has always been a ham when it comes to the camera, but hates it when I try to video her. However, the other night she was willing to let me get my way! I know I'm biased, but she is just plain adorable :)

Here is a cute photo from the night:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

She's a Survivor!

Teagan has been taking swim lessons for close to a year and absolutely loves the water.  She was ready to take her survival test this week and I was anxious to see how she would do.  Teagan passed!! She was pretty surprised to be thrown in unexpectedly, but did a good job. Here is a video:

The survival test was the last step before moving on to the next level at Deep Blue Swim School... she is now an Octopus! Go Teagan!

New Years Weekend

We kept it really low key this year for New Year's.  Renny had the day off, so we just spent the day together as a family, which was really nice! Teagan loves it so much when daddy is home from work.  Somehow, I managed to forget about taking any pictures this entire weekend :(. After Teagan went to bed, Robby and Inessa came over to hang out.  We had such a good time talking and watching surf dvd's that we didn't realize it was the New Year until close to 12:30!  On the first day of 2011, we drove out to Temecula and visited with the Harrelson's.  Renny and Teagan got to meet sweet little Sienna for the first time! She is so cute! Again, sad that I did not bring my camera... overall, it was a very nice weekend to start off the year! Looking forward to the many exciting things to come: lot's of new babies, Robby/Inessa's wedding, our new little man and so much more!

Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was so much fun! We put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving and decorated the house that weekend. Teagan and I also went to the bookstore and bought some new books about Christmas.  She loved having me read a little bit each night before bed and really loved the advent calendar Mama Cora bought her with the yummy chocolates for each day... we did that after lunch time.  I love that she knows it's Jesus' birthday! She does love a good birthday celebration, haha! She thought it was so special that we would give and get gifts on someone else's birthday besides her own, which made me smile.  Teagan did not want any part of going to see Santa this year... I think she remembered how terrified she was last time =) However, she was excited to see what toys he would bring her Christmas morning!
On Christmas Eve, my mom, sister, and sister's boyfriend came over for dinner and gifts. I made yummy chicken enchiladas with green sauce, spanish rice, and salad. We had pumpkin pie for dessert!
 She was acting a little shy when it was time to say hi to Auntie Andi's boyfriend, Eric.
 Thank you Auntie Andi for the new Aquadoodle!!! I LOVE it :)
 This is the new face she adopted when we told her to say "cheese"

 Thank you so much Mama Karen! I'm gonna play in this new cave for the rest of the night!
On Christmas morning, we took our time having cinnamon rolls for breakfast and opening gifts as a family before we headed over to Mama and Papa's house for the day:
 Again with this face... she was really excited for the dollhouse, bible, and sunglasses that Santa dropped off :)  She only took off the shades to get dressed for the day!
Teagan had a blast at Mama and Papa's house for the rest of the day! Since she is the only grandchild on both sides of the family, it is safe to say that she was spoiled beyond belief! We opened gifts with Renny's family and then were joined with some extended family and very close friends for a delicious Christmas meal.
 All ready to drive over to Mama and Papa's house! Below is her on the ride over.. she loves the shades!
 Teagan in her new push petal Ford.. pink of course! She can't reach the pedals, but drove the car with her feet on the floor..
 Teagan and River playing with some new toys!
 Love this one... so sweet!
Here is a cute little video of Teagan dancing like a ballerina:

A Little Fun Before Christmas

I always feel like the holidays start mid-September for us because from that point right up until Christmas, we have tons of birthdays and celebrations.  My September calendar alone has 15 birthdays of close friends and family! October has it's share as well, including my little Teagan. After that, I feel like Thanksgiving sneaks up, then all the December birthdays and Christmas..and finally New Years. Phew! I truly love this whole time of year and have tried my best to balance taking photos for memories and actually living in the moment to enjoy it with my family. Here are some fun things from November and December before Christmas:

 Teagan dressed herself for the day. It was a little chilly, so she put on sweats under the tutu :) We had a really fun day together that included taking her baby for a walk around the neighborhood.
 16 weeks pregnant! The time is flying by so much quicker than when I was pregnant with Teagan!
 Happy happy birthday to one of the most awesome people I know, Moira!! Glad we could celebrate with you!

Daddy made a tent for movie night! Beauty and The Beast :)

Backtracking A Little :)

Not sure how I forgot, but I never did a post on Teagan's 2yr pics or the family session that we did for the holidays! Here are some of my faves from both:

Erin ( always does such an awesome job! Believe it or not, Teagan was pretty unhappy for the majority of this shoot...and somehow Erin turns out beautiful pictures every time :)

The family session was so much fun! We met up with Erin right next to Mission San Juan Capistrano and took some great photos! Teagan was much more of herself for this session :) We finished the night with a yummy dinner at Ruby's before we drove home. It is a really fun place to just walk around if you ever get a chance... I hadn't been since my 4th grade field trip to the mission!