Friday, December 20, 2013

May 2013, Part 2: August Turns Two!!!

Our little man turned two! I can't believe it...he is so much fun (and so, soo much work, haha!). He is definitely all that is boy...and I love it. He has such a sweet and cuddly side, but most of the time enjoys being a rough and tumble boy. Looking forward to watching him grow! Here are the pics (courtesy of the awesome Erin Tukua!) from August's, Cars themed, 2nd birthday party at the park:

May 2013: Part One

Here are some pics from the month of May:

She looks so big here!

cous cous!

Cool dude :)

Teagan brought some pizza dough home from school!

Finished product!

Park fun with Micah!

April 2013 with the Fam :)

This turned out to be a HUGE month for us...Here are some fun pictures from the month, but I'll start out with the game changer:

We found out that we were going to become a family of 5! Baby due Dec 25th!