Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

     This year, for Father's Day, Renny and I thought it might be fun to have the whole family go to an Angel's games. We called to see if Rob and Cora thought it was a good idea, and Cora ended up surprising Rob and Renny with a Legends Suite!!! We all had a great time watching the game, but I hope the kids don't get used to that, haha! Unless maybe we try and make it a new tradition?! Wink, Wink Grandma Cora ;) It made me so happy to see Renny enjoy himself! He is such a good daddy and hubby and provider for our family! He definitely deserves more than just one day to celebrate him!!


Waiting to leave

Silly faces!

Daddy and August bonding time!

Melts my heart!

August and Auntie Steph!

Papa Rob and all his babies & grandbabies :)

Teagan enjoying the popcorn

Once we put him down, he didn't want back up!

Papa Rob and Grandma Cora

Jimmy & Steph

Robby & Inessa

Best we could get ;)


Friday, June 15, 2012

Teagan Finishes Her First Year at Preschool

Teagan had such a fun year at preschool. We enjoyed watching her grow and learn so many new things and make new friends. She loved her teachers, Miss Rose and Miss Linda, so much! Each day, when I picked Teagan up from school, I was given more papers and art projects than I knew what to do with. I decided that I would keep them all in a file until the end of the year and then take a picture of it all....then throw it away. I did keep the cards that she made for us, but I can't imagine how it would all multiply with two more years of preschool before going on to Kindergarten! Here are the photos I took:

This is her class at the end of the year picnic:
Clockwise from T: Abigail, Rocco, Cameron, ?, ?, Luke, Levi, Genevieve, Elias, Toryn, Caleb, Chloe

They also had a patriotic parade at the end of the year!

Time is FLYING by...