Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Little Fun Before Christmas

I always feel like the holidays start mid-September for us because from that point right up until Christmas, we have tons of birthdays and celebrations.  My September calendar alone has 15 birthdays of close friends and family! October has it's share as well, including my little Teagan. After that, I feel like Thanksgiving sneaks up, then all the December birthdays and Christmas..and finally New Years. Phew! I truly love this whole time of year and have tried my best to balance taking photos for memories and actually living in the moment to enjoy it with my family. Here are some fun things from November and December before Christmas:

 Teagan dressed herself for the day. It was a little chilly, so she put on sweats under the tutu :) We had a really fun day together that included taking her baby for a walk around the neighborhood.
 16 weeks pregnant! The time is flying by so much quicker than when I was pregnant with Teagan!
 Happy happy birthday to one of the most awesome people I know, Moira!! Glad we could celebrate with you!

Daddy made a tent for movie night! Beauty and The Beast :)

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