Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was so much fun! We put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving and decorated the house that weekend. Teagan and I also went to the bookstore and bought some new books about Christmas.  She loved having me read a little bit each night before bed and really loved the advent calendar Mama Cora bought her with the yummy chocolates for each day... we did that after lunch time.  I love that she knows it's Jesus' birthday! She does love a good birthday celebration, haha! She thought it was so special that we would give and get gifts on someone else's birthday besides her own, which made me smile.  Teagan did not want any part of going to see Santa this year... I think she remembered how terrified she was last time =) However, she was excited to see what toys he would bring her Christmas morning!
On Christmas Eve, my mom, sister, and sister's boyfriend came over for dinner and gifts. I made yummy chicken enchiladas with green sauce, spanish rice, and salad. We had pumpkin pie for dessert!
 She was acting a little shy when it was time to say hi to Auntie Andi's boyfriend, Eric.
 Thank you Auntie Andi for the new Aquadoodle!!! I LOVE it :)
 This is the new face she adopted when we told her to say "cheese"

 Thank you so much Mama Karen! I'm gonna play in this new cave for the rest of the night!
On Christmas morning, we took our time having cinnamon rolls for breakfast and opening gifts as a family before we headed over to Mama and Papa's house for the day:
 Again with this face... she was really excited for the dollhouse, bible, and sunglasses that Santa dropped off :)  She only took off the shades to get dressed for the day!
Teagan had a blast at Mama and Papa's house for the rest of the day! Since she is the only grandchild on both sides of the family, it is safe to say that she was spoiled beyond belief! We opened gifts with Renny's family and then were joined with some extended family and very close friends for a delicious Christmas meal.
 All ready to drive over to Mama and Papa's house! Below is her on the ride over.. she loves the shades!
 Teagan in her new push petal Ford.. pink of course! She can't reach the pedals, but drove the car with her feet on the floor..
 Teagan and River playing with some new toys!
 Love this one... so sweet!
Here is a cute little video of Teagan dancing like a ballerina:

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