Saturday, February 4, 2012

August is 8 Months!

This seems impossible to me, but August is 8 months old!! He is still such a cuddler (especially with mommy!) and still loves Teagan best. He has changed SO much in the last month
  • He started crawling a day or two before Christmas
  • Within 2 weeks of crawling, he decided it was more fun to pull into a standing position
  • Took about a week to master, but can now get up and down without taking a header!
  • He is definitely a sympathy crier
  • Crawls with some kind of toy in hand, so cute!
  • Loves to bang toys on things and make as much noise as possible...then smiles proudly every time
  • He got 2 teeth on the bottom!!!
  • He is really starting the separation anxiety...If I leave his sight, even to pee, he goes crazy :(
  • He is doing well with swim lessons and can float with very little assistance!
  • He can say "mama" and "dada"
  • VERY attached to his paci
  • loves to laugh and laugh...plays peek-a-boo, too!

I was getting ready to walk away from him...

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