Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teagan's First Trip to the Dentist!

On August 18th, all four of us drove over to the dentist together for Teagan's first dentist appointment! Both Renny and I were scheduled for our regular check up, so I called and had Teagan added in with us.  I talked with her about it the night before and Teagan was worried..."I don't want to go to the dentist, Mommy, I'm scared!" After I explained what would happen she seemed a little more at ease, but I was worried about how it would go down the next morning! Boy were we surprised when it was her turn! I let Teagan watch while the dentist looked at my teeth (luckily no cavities!!), and when Dr. Alyson asked her if she could look at her teeth...she was actually excited! She followed Dr. Alyson into her room and when I offered to sit in the chair and have Teagan on my lap, she said "I do it all myself mommy! It's my turn." Dr. Alyson was so awesome with Teagan and really made her feel comfortable. She counted Teagan's teeth (she has 20!), and polished them. She was very proud of her "shiny" teeth when she was finished and LOVED that she got to pick a toy from their toy chest.

 August didn't want to feel left out with the "firsts" so he had his 1st poopy diaper that went ALL over both him and his carseat :(  To add to the fun of cleaning this up, a Japanese Beatle thought it would be fun to circle us for the duration of the diaper change! Teagan got a good laugh watching me scream :)

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Inessa said...

glad the 1st visit went so well, minus the poppy diaper and japanese beatle attack