Wednesday, November 2, 2011

August is 5 Months!

August turned 5 months on October 21st! It was an exciting month with him. He had his first airplane ride to Hawaii! He is still the sweetest little guy and is always happy. He is talking more and more...he loves to say "mama" and I love to pretend that he is actually talking to me when he says it :) He seems to say it whenever he wants a change of scenery, like when he has had enough tummy time or jumping time or when he is tired.  It is SO cute watching him attempt to crawl. He looks like he is swimming while he does it and by the looks of it he is going to be one fast mover when he really figures it out! He is still sleeping thru the night and takes 2 naps a day. Teagan is, hands down, his favorite person. He always has a big smile for her and anything she does to him makes him laugh. He gets so proud of himself when he grabs hold of toys, blankets, HAIR... and he had a growth spurt! He is now 16lbs 2oz and 26 inches tall! He is up to the 60th percentile now.
Here are some shots of him during this last month:

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Brenna said...

I just wanna eat his face!!