Monday, November 14, 2011

Chris & Shauna's Wedding!!

We were very honored to be a part of Chris & Shauna's wedding! Renny was a groomsman, I was a bridesmaid, and our little Teagan was the flower girl! We got home from Hawaii late Wednesday night and drove up to El Capitan Canyon Friday morning, which was rough, but it was such an amazing time! Teagan did pretty well walking down the isle with Renny and I, however she wanted me to carry her basket and throw the flowers, haha! I whispered to her as we walked that she had to hold it, so she waited until we were standing up there to throw the petals :) My mom and sister were nice enough to come with us so that we could enjoy ourselves and not have the kids the whole time. El Capitan Canyon is a stunning location for a wedding!! It turned out so so beautiful.. here are some pics:

Laughing with the Chris's at the rehearsal

 Playing at the playground the day before the wedding!

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