Tuesday, November 22, 2011

August is 6 months old!

August is a growing boy! Say it isn't so... he is already 6 months old! STOP IT! I want August to stay small and cuddly forever, but I know he'll be running after Teagan in no time. He really hit a growth spurt over the past month. He is now 26 3/4 inches (65th percentile) and 16 lbs (25th percentile). He is seriously the happiest baby I have ever known. He even smiles when he has a cold! He is SO much in love with his big sister... check out this video!

He has been rolling tummy to back and back to tummy for a while now, but is starting to use it to get closer to toys that he wants! He is so determined to figure the whole "crawling" thing out, but I am very much discouraging it, haha! I want all the time I can have for him to be still! The past couple of days he has been scooting on his tummy and that is enough for me. He is working on being able to sit up unassisted. I think he is teething... drool monster and constant chewing, but no pearly whites just yet. Here are some pictures taken over the past month:

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