Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ridiculous Amount of Catching Up To Do!

I have really been slacking when it comes to the blog! It is definitely not been caused by a lack of activity... We have had so much going on for the past few months, so I am going to get caught up now :) 
TEAGAN: 9-12 months
I just re-read my last post from when T was 9 months old... I thought time went by fast then, but oh my has it really gone at lightning speed! The rest of our summer was really fun. We went to a few of the free concerts at the Seal Beach pier with friends, spent a lot of time at the park, had fun playdates, went on many walks, and celebrated lots of September birthdays ;) 

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Teagan continued NOT saying mamma... but learned lots of new things: 
She learned how to bark like a dog, which helped her to become better friends with little Bisou, haha! 
She is up to 6 teeth! 4 on top, 2 on bottom
She likes to hum while she eats and is eating more big kid food... her fave is cheese and puffs!
She learned to use a sippy cup!
She learned to walk about a week before her 1st birthday and had to relearn the art of falling gracefully, lol!
The month of October was spent planning T's birthday soo much work! In the end, the party was awesome and she had a great time with everyone. On her actual birthday, I invited the fam over for dinner and cupcakes! Here are some pics from her party and big day:
Teagan also had her 1 year check-up with the doctor. She weighed in at 19lbs, 5oz and was 28.5 inches long.... This put her in the 25th percentile in weight and 19th in height.
My little T was a ladybug this year! We spent the day with Chris & Shauna at Pa's Pumpkin Patch, then had some friends over to hand out candy and carve pumpkins :) Teagan was really not sure about sticking her hand inside the pumpkin... I think it was too gooey for her! Here are the pics!

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This year we had Erin Tukua take our Christmas card pics. She is the amazing photographer that I've had take Teagan's pictures over and over again! We walked all around Seal Beach and got some really good shots:
Well, that does it for now! There is sooooo much more to come from Nov/Dec and then Christmas is just a couple days away too!

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