Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Fun!

Christmas was so much more fun this year because of Teagan! We did lots of fun things together like baking gingerbread cookies for daddy (T decorated one herself!) and she loved watching me decorate the house! We had some friends over for a little holiday cheer and we took Teagan to see Santa Claus...which did not go over well. She was completely terrified, poor thing!
Here are a couple from our little get together:
T got to open an early Christmas gift from Mike & Marla!
She had so much fun playing with Corey!!
This year we got to have 3 Christmas celebrations!! My grandparents came down from Oregon and were out in Moreno Valley at my Aunt Debbie's house, so the day before Christmas Eve took a drive out to visit! My mom and Andi came with us and we had a great time visiting with Grandma and Grandpa! 
She loves her Aunt Debbie!
4 Generations 2009! On Christmas Eve,went over to my cousin Brian's house and then to my Aunt Diane's house. Teagan had a blast playing with a new friend Trent over at Brian's. He was so good with her and had her laughing so hard and running around! At my Aunt Diane's, Teagan got to play with her cousins Kyle and Serenity, and she got to see little Autumn who is just 6 months old. We had a really yummy dinner together and we enjoyed the quality time with family!!
Kyle is so cute! He's just a year older than T
Teagan and cousin David
Mamma and T
Christmas morning we had our first real family Christmas with the three of us...our little family! We made cinnamon rolls and tea, and watched Teagan open her gift from Santa...which she really loved! A table and chairs just her size :) Then we headed over to Renny's parents house for some more family fun. She had 2 little cousins to play with this year and it was neat to see them interact...Estella is almost 3, Parker is almost 2, and then there's little T. Somehow we forgot to get a pic of the 3 of them sitting together :( It was an awesome Christmas all around and will be followed by many more!
Parker really loves Teagan! Lots of hugs & kisses that day!

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