Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Going Back In Time... Again.

So, I have obviously been slacking on the blog...bigtime! These last 6 months have really FLOWN by! We have had such a blast watching our little T grow and we've had lots going on. I'm thinking the easiest way to get caught up is to give a month by month breakdown =) Here goes!
What a great start to 2010! We spent NYE at Eric & Tracy's house, but made it home before midnight even though Teagan was already in bed.
We also started attending church at Shorelife in Huntington Beach. I have been going to the MOMS group there since T was about 3 months old, so we gave it a go and totally love it.
We got DISNEYLAND PASSES!!! I cannot tell you how excited I was for this =) Renny, T, and I headed out for a day of fun and really did have an awesome day. We started out with the Jungle Cruise, then headed over to the Haunted Mansion, Carousel, and It's a Small World. We went to the Mad Hatter and got Teagan a Minny Mouse hat with her name on it, which she loves. We decided to end the day with Alice & Wonderland, which had to be forgotten when we were in line and suddenly Teagan's diaper ripped open...and I got pee all over me =) Overall, it was such great fun and a joy to see her get so excited looking around at everything!
Teagan also began taking swim lessons at WaterSafe Swim School in Seal Beach. She goes twice a week, for 15 min at a time. She cried for the first month or so, but is totally loving it now! Her instructor's name is Scott and he is so good with her =)
I told you January was a big month for us, right?! The last big thing of the month is that we are getting another Nichols girl in the fam!! Robby proposed to his girlfriend, Inessa, and they are getting married in April of 2011. I could not be happier for the two of them!
Teagan had her 2nd official trip to Palm Desert! Too chilly for the pool this time, but we took her to the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens for a day of fun. This day would have been much more fun if our little T had actually slept the night before or even took a nap! (She does not sleep well in the pack n' play) So, if T looks a little less than happy in these pics.. it's because she is =)
She had fun at the house playing Tea Party with T =)
I took Teagan to a class through Seal Beach Parks/Rec called "Kids Love Music." It was every Wed, for about 45 min. I did not remember my camera though... But she had a great time with it, and got to take home a harmonica and maraca which she still plays! We also had our first weekend away from Teagan :( Renny and I went out to Angels Spring Training with Stephanie and her man Jimmy. It was hard being away from T, but we really had fun in Arizona! Go Angels!!
This was another pretty big month for us. First came Easter. I thought it would be fun to let Teagan dye her own eggs this year...
Needless to say, she had tons of fun and green hands for church on Sunday =) We went to church with my mom/sis, and the Itson's with Andrea's parents as well and enjoyed an awesome service. Teagan got to see one of her favorite friends, Brooklyn. We got a pic of them holding hands =) Afterward, the fam met up at our house and then we walked on down the line to cousin Lexi's house for lunch and family time. It was so nice to see little Teagan with her cousins Estella and Parker. (Estella is 3, Parker is 2, and T was 17 months) She also got to play with cute little Chase, who taught her how to make truck sounds! I'm sure it will get more fun every year!
Since Teagan had so much fun with the Kids Love Music Class, I decided to try an Art class out. She had fun, but I think it was geared toward kids a little bit older than her. Half the time, she kept looking outside to the playground and saying "bye-bye." Here is the work she created:
My Great-Aunt Kathie also had a birthday in April, so we all went to surprise her!

At the end of the month, Teagan turned 18 months!! Boy does the time go fast! She weighed in at 22lbs and was 31 1/2 inches tall, putting her in the 25th and 35th percentile.
Crazy, crazy month!! Renny and I took our first real vacation away from little Teagan. We went to Costa Rica with Eric/Tracy and had an absolute blast! It was extremely hard to be away from Teagan for that long, but she was left in very good hands =) My mom and Auntie Andi came to stay at our house with Teagan, then the days my mom had to work, Cora and Auntie Steph came over! What a blessing! Here is a pic of us in Costa Rica and some of little T while we were gone =)
We got home from Costa Rica at 2am on a Saturday morning, then hung out for the day before driving up to Santa Clarita for our good friend Koskie's Surprise 30th bday party!! Could not bear to leave my Teagan so soon, so she came with and was the entertainment =)
Yes. Renny has a mustache and I have blonde hair =)
The next morning was Mother's Day. We had Teagan dedicated at church, which was special because much of our family came to support. Rob, Cora, my mom, Robby, Inessa, Stephanie, Andi, and the Harrelsons were all there!
After church, we all went back to Rob & Cora's for lunch. It was a special Mother's Day!!
The next weekend our good friends, The Bauer's came to visit! We were excited to meet their new addition, Kai, and to see James again. Teagan had the best time with him!
They left to go home to Bishop early Sunday morning, so after we got back from church and T took a nap... we decided to go to Disneyland for the afternoon! We went on some new rides (Dumbo, Snow White, Pirates) and got to see the parade!
Whew.. finally caught up! My grandparents are here visiting from Oregon, yay! They came down for my cousin Brian's wedding. Here are some cute pic's of T with her Great-Grandma Margaret!
And if I haven't posted enough pictures yet... here are some more from June:
Teagan has grown up so sooo much in the last 6 months! Her vocabulary is growing every day, she is finally getting her last 4 teeth, she is getting taller (I hope, haha!), she is becoming a good little swimmer, and she is simply amazing me every single day. I am so blessed to be her mommy! Well, here's to keeping up on the blog from now on!! =)


Out of SPACE -- out of TIME said...

What a great post Amber.

Vander Molens said...

It's about time!! Good job:) Teagan is such a cutie! You need more videos to show what an awesome personality she has too!

Stacy said...

Thanks for sharing! We had such a great time with T when you were on vacation! It was a blast watching her play in the sand at the beach!