Monday, December 28, 2009

Ridiculous Amount of Catching Up To Do Part 2!

November was a fun month for us! Teagan FINALLY said "mama," got much better at walking and is my little dancing fool :) She absolutely loves anything having to do with music! We spent Thanksgiving at Rob & Cora's this year and had a great time with the family! Here are some pic's:
December 2009:
Teagan's language is developing more each day... now she can say:
dog (sounds more like daaaaa)
all done
yes/no... she can shake her head for yes and no also!
She learned how to:
blow kisses
give hugs
she's getting better at running and trying to walk backwards
she walks around talking on her cell phone and cracks herself up ;)
she is beginning to play pretend! 
I am so amazed at all of the new things Teagan learns each day. I can't wait to see what the upcoming year brings! Here are some cute pic's from the month! This rocking chair was given to Nini on her 1st birthday!! Teagan loves to sit in it when we visit Grandma Cora's house :) Christmas Pic's are coming up next!!!

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