Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Little Monkey is 9 months old!

I can hardly believe that my Teagan is already 9 months old.. I never thought time would go by as fast as everyone told me it would! Teagan is all over the place now and I LOVE watching her personality unfold more each day. Here are some new things she's been up to:
  • She loves to give high fives!
  • She doesn't use her knees to crawl, just her hands/feet!
  • She holds on to the furniture and walks around quickly now! 1 time she stood on her own for 5 seconds or so until she realized I wasn't holding on :) Then she plopped down on her bum.
  • She has pretty much mastered the art of falling gracefully
  • She absolutely loves other babies & kids.. she's instantly waving her arms and talking to them!
  • She is seriously always cracking herself up!
  • She is making much more complicated sounds than even a couple weeks back!
  • She is still NOT saying "ma-ma"... she says "da-da" and "na-na-na" all day long!
  • She is becoming such a ham!!!
  • She let's everyone know she is in the room, wherever we go..
  • She likes to dangle toys/paci from her stroller while we walk and sometimes drop them (a way to keep me on my toes?.. maybe I'll drop it.. maybe I won't, haha)
  • She likes for me to turn the showerhead on when she's taking a bath & plays with the "rain"
  • She is becoming more of a cuddler (my favorite!)

I took Teagan to have her pictures taken at Herritage Park in Cerritos (super fun park!) and here is the link to see some of the shots!

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The Jacobs said...

Those pictures are sooo cute! Love the tutu ones.