Friday, July 13, 2012

Everything Teagan

Teagan has grown so much in the last few months that I decided she needed a post all to herself :) I lover my little Teagan T!

Disneyland with Grandma Karen!

Teagan the Cat!

Playing dress up!

Princess Aurora

New dog Fluffy :)

Angel game with Daddy, Mommy, and Papa Rob!!

Two Peas in a Pod

Trout head!

Her new fave!

Cuddle time!

Soccer girl!

She loves to crawl in there and play!

Some video, too!

Please forgive my horribly annoying voice in this one...I hope that's not how I always sound!


Inessa said...

so cute and she has grown so much. pretty awesome little girl that T

Amber Bauer said...

Love these videos...they made me chuckle <3