Friday, July 13, 2012

August is 13 Months!

August is really becoming quite the rough and tumble boy! He will dig thru the toy box to find the trucks and balls. He loves making sound effects, too! "Rooom rooom!" goes the truck and he always laughs at me when I try to do it with him. I guess daddy is better at those sounds, haha! He loves to throw and kick the balls, however I am trying to teach him not to also throw books and toys :) He absolutely LOVES to run and tackle Teagan, Mommy, and unfortunately Bisou as well. Bisou does a lot more hiding out these days :) He gets into EVERYTHING!! And I mean EVERYTHING. He laughs all the time, which makes me happy. He is starting to challenge us when we tell him no... This scares me more than anything only because we are usually trying to stop him from breaking glass, etc. Teagan was SO different in this respect (her attitude came later, haha!) because although she tried to get things we didn't want her to have, she wasn't ever trying to break things that would hurt her! I'm not exactly sure how much he weighs...oops. I know he feels heavier though :) And I know he is taller because he can reach some of the door handles now! Here are some cute pics of him over this past month:

I'm stuck mom!

Milk monster!

On a walk with sis

Big and little

I realized today that so many of the photos I post are of him eating, but that is pretty much the only time he stays still!

Watching T play soccer

I know that August loves and adores Teagan. She is still his favorite person, but he is FASCINATED with Brooklyn!! He goes into hysterics just looking at her! And when she is actually TRYING to make him laugh...forget about it! He is rolling on the ground laughing :)

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