Tuesday, May 22, 2012

August at 12 Months!

I am writing a separate post for August's birthday, but here are some photos of him over the past month! He is my growing little man, and it feels so strange to say that my baby is 1 year old!! Here are some things I want to remember about August at 1 yr:
  • He finally hit 20lbs
  • He can say: mama, dada, uh-oh, bye bye, baby, no
  • He loves to play with Teagan
  • He also loves to use anything he gets his hands on to hit the wall
  • He notices things (like the glass in front of the fireplace) that Teagan NEVER paid attention to!
One of his favorite past times is to bang on the wall with anything he can grab!

Pirate hat!!

What he looked like after I let him feed himself

LOVE this boy!!

Here is a photo of August each month, from birth to 12 months:
Birth :)

1 Month :)

2 Months :)

3 Months :)

4 Months :)
5 Months :)
6 Months :)
7 Months :)
8 Months :)
9 Months :)
10 Months :)
11 Months :)
12 Months :)

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