Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

We had such a great Easter weekend together this year!  We packed a lot of fun into Saturday and Sunday because soon enough, little August will be born and we'll have to take it easy for a bit.


Teagan and I made "Resurrection Rolls" for breakfast and ate them together with daddy when he came home from a fun morning of surfing.  I was so impressed with Teagan!  I showed her how to make the first roll, then she did the rest! Amazing what happens when I just let her go for it, haha!  This is a really awesome way to tell the story of Easter and they are so yummy! This will definitely be an Easter tradition for us!

Marshmallows - represent Jesus (pure & free from sin)
Butter - represents the oil in which Jesus' body was anointed with before burial
Cinnamon & Sugar - represent the spices that Jesus' body was also anointed with before burial
Biscuit Dough - The tomb in which Jesus was buried

When they are done baking, the marshmallow evaporates and you are left with an empty tomb to represent the Resurrection of Jesus!

After we finished breakfast, we got cleaned up and headed to Disneyland!  Teagan had a blast, as usual, and it was great to go one last time as a family of three.  I was expecting to have to make the most of it through the crowds, but was very pleasantly surprised to see hardly anyone!!!  We hit up T's favorite rides:  Jungle Cruise, Pirates, and the Merry Go Round.  We enjoyed some lunch in Toontown, saw Pluto, Goofy, and Captain Hook...then headed home!  Unfortunately, I didn't remember to bring my camera...

That night, Renny and I went to the Angels Game and Teagan stayed home to play with Mamma Karen.

Renny and I actually had to wake Teagan up on Easter morning so that we would have enough time to search for eggs and see the basket left by the Easter Bunny before going to church.  She was so excited and had tons of fun!  After the great message at church, we headed over to Renny's cousin Lexi's house for a family party.  Teagan had a great time playing with her adorable cousins Estella and Parker.  This year it was fun to watch them run around together, play, and search for eggs.  Estella just turned 4, Parker just turned 3, and our little T is the baby for a few more weeks at 2 1/2.  Again, I forgot to bring my camera to the family party.

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Inessa said...

so sad we missed the easter festicities with the family this year