Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby Shower for August!

On March 27th, we celebrated August with a small shower at Brenna's house.  My sister Andi, Stephanie, and Trisha all helped put it together.  It turned out beautiful and was really a lot of fun. We ate yummy foods and delicious cake and did lots of talking, without playing any real favorite kind of shower!! Thank you so much Brenna!! Brenna was also photographer for the day and took some really cute pictures:
Pretty Cake!
The Spread
The favors
My sister and I
Grandma and I
My mom and I 
Andi and I
Steph and I
Moira and I
Moira, Honey and I
Nini and I
Marla and I
Aunt Diane and I
Aunt Kathie and I
Look at the camera Sienna!
Little Sienna Harrelson 
Tracy and I
Cora and I
Soo squeezable!
Love this one!
Stuffing my face with cake :)
Can't wait for a little boy!
Let the gift opening begin!

pretty decorations!

Thank you Brenna!! 
Trisha and I
The whole day was a lot of fun and I can't wait to hold my little August Renholt Nichols soon!!

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