Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Loads of Birthday Fun

     My little Teagan turned 2 years old on Saturday. I cannot believe it! She is beginning to look a lot less like a baby and more like a little girl :) She makes me laugh everyday and I feel so blessed to be her mommy!
     The weekend before her birthday, we had a party for her at Pump It Up on Saturday and headed to Disneyland on Sunday to see the Halloween decor. Teagan had a BLAST at Pump It Up. She didn't stop the whole time. She jumped and went down slides and laughed till she cried :) Then, she took a 4 hour nap when it was over!!

                                               These two crack me up! Soo cute!
                                    Climbing up the stairs with Auntie Andi...
                                              Flying down the slide all by herself
                                   This is when she shouted "One more time!!!"
                                            Sweet little Micah... they share a birthday!
                                    Too much fun can make you cry sometimes...
                                                                        Group shot!
                                                          Pizza time with cousin Estella!

                                                         Some love from Auntie Steph
Singing "happy birthday" to Teagan!
                                                          She loves a good cupcake
                                 Teagan with her friends Riley, Sierra, Serenity, and Karlie
                                    Davin and Karlie wanted in on the picture!
                                                       She looks so little in that big chair!

We let Teagan open her gifts when she woke up from her 4 hour nap: she was so excited!
The next day at Disneyland, Teagan got to meet Tinkerbell and some of the other fairies in Pixie Hollow. She was in awe... Here are some cute pics from the day:

     On Teagan's actual birthday, we had the family over for dinner at our house. Teagan had a great time playing with everyone and was super excited to celebrate her birthday again.
                                                 Presents from Mommy and Daddy

                                                                  Dinner table is set!!
                                                                         Mama Cora

                                  She was so happy until we starting singing...
                                                                    Tinker Bell Cake
                                                                Auntie Steph and Jimmy
                                                  Picture with Mommy & Daddy!
                                                    Uncle Obby Dobby and Auntie Nina
                                          Mommy, Teagan, Mama Karen, and Auntie Andi
It was a great dinner and fun family time! Excited to watch Teagan grow in this coming year. Mommy and Daddy love you T!!

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