Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kauai 2010

Renny and I have been dying to go back to Kauai since our last trip there, when I was pregnant with Teagan. It is sooo beautiful there! We used Renny's 30th birthday as a good excuse for a family vacation and went for a week! We all went, with the exception of my mom (who is in Italy right now!!) and Andi, and Robby & Inessa. (they are saving up all of their vacation time for a honeymoon!!) We missed having them with us, but we all had a great time! Teagan did great on the plane... she only slept for an hour on the way out there, but she was content sitting on daddy's lap watching Little Einsteins :) It was a truly relaxing vacation and Renny got to surf, which made it perfect! We learned that Teagan is definitely an ocean-loving, no-fear kind of kid...perfect combo for a mom who's generally scared of going in the ocean and a daddy who was surfing while we were at the beach! I'm glad Auntie Steph was with me to help keep my little maniac under control :) The first time a wave knocked her over, she got up wide-eyed, and smiling, yelled "AGAIN, AGAIN!"Here are some cute pics from the trip!

                                                                        The hotel!
                                                       Finding Roosters with Daddy
                                                             Fun in the kiddie pool
                                                                        The fam :)
                                                                 Feeding the fishies!
                                                               Petting the fishies...
                                                                    Tuckered out!
                                                         Luau Time!! She LOVED it!
                                                              Swimming with Daddy
                                   Watching the fire dancers at the Luau! She says " FyAaah"
                                                       She said the fishies were thirsty :)
                                                                        Hanalei Bay
                                                            She's such a water baby!
                                                                    Beach at the hotel
                                                                           Wet caves
                                                                          Dry caves

This trip was so much fun! Teagan still asks me if we can go to the beach in Kauai :) Hopefully, we'll make it back again before too long!


Vander Molens said...

Looks like a great time! Teagan needs to teach B a few things about the ocean.

ThE nIcHoLs FaMiLy said...

Teagan needs to teach me a few things about the ocean, too, haha!

Out of SPACE -- out of TIME said...

I'm right there with teagan too when can we go to the beach in Hawaii again.