Sunday, January 20, 2013

Costa Rica: January 2013!!

We were SO excited to return to Costa Rica and even more thrilled that we got to share the trip with Steph and Jimmy! We went back to the wonderful Hotel Buenisimo in Santa Teresa and stayed for a week! Here is a sampling of pics from our adventure...cannot wait to go back again!

Off the plane and waiting for the ferry!
Almost there...yippie!
Our place for the week!
Love me a hammock!
Pathway down the hill
A little friend we met on that path..
View of the ocean from our Casita!
Renny was in heaven
A beautiful sunset...waiting for the green flash, haha!
Another shot of our view
Creepy LARGE spider (furry and gross) that greeted me right outside our door!
Monkey in the tree!
The look of happiness :)
So many beautiful creatures right outside our Casita!
We did A LOT of this
Little lizard running across our patio
Yes...this was the size of a CREEPY spider right next to us!
Because one view just wasn't enough
My love
We shared the road with these friends..
Lunch time!
Renny could get used to this...Pura Vida!
View from our dinner spot of the night!
Yummy pizza and beer!
Another pretty sunset
He didn't stop smiling all week :)
Yes...that is sweat and a scared expression on my face. I just had to RUN up a million stairs, IN THE DARK, to our casita. Remember the earlier pics of all the animal friends we'd been making?

Head lamp!
I don't remember the real name of this game, but you got points for the different ways these little pigs landed when thrown from your cup to the table :)
We are not competitive AT ALL :)
Not at all
Surf Session!
love watching him have fun!
The reason we came
A little fishing trip!
So pretty!

Having fun!
Where are all the fish?
Our spoils
First time fishing since I was a little girl!
Taking it all in! 
The boys!
Ryan took us out and we had a great time!
Here is a little video of the car trip down the hill, from our casita to the lobby/breakfast spot of Hotel Buenisimo:

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