Monday, April 1, 2013

March 2013: So Much Fun!

The rest of this month was really fun! Here is a collection of pics:

drawing with chalk!
playing with the Gnomes
My sweet girl :)
Teagan's chalk rendering of her bff, Brooklyn :)
Scooter girl!
crawling around and climbing trees!
The only way he could get the scooter to move! 
Silly girl
love this little guy!
Park time!
cuddle bugs
learning something new!
August playing while Teagan plays tennis with daddy
Tennis class!
stepping on the lines!
playing with mommies makeup :)
kissy face...
farm day at preschool! 
Look at these pig tails!
August's first trip to the ER...split his chin open in the tub. Able to glue it shut! He was a trooper!!! Teagan was MUCH more distraught over it than he was :)
Got to meet Eric and Tracy's sweet baby girl, Peyton!!! Precious! Teagan is IN LOVE with her :)
Another park day!
Such a big girl now!
SOOO BLESSED to welcome this little angel into the Deklynn is here!
I mean, C'MON...LOOK at those CHEEKS!!! 
discovered a new way to enjoy olives!
Routine torture of our little Bisou dog :) Good thing she loves those kiddos!

waiting for his turn to swim with Mr. Scott!
Teagan's swim bff ;)
Our little fish completed step 4 of 6 at Deep Blue!! Go T!
She just LOVES baby B :)

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