Thursday, January 12, 2012

August is 7 Months Old!

August turned 7 months on Dec 21st...He is still the cutest thing ever and getting big much to fast.  His personality is really coming out!
He LOVES to cuddle, hug, kiss (the big, open mouth, slobber all over you kind).
He starting crawling (at 7 months...he is fast now and even standing up on things! Crazy what happens when you fall a couple of weeks behind on posting!)
Teagan is still his favorite
He's decided to start waking up once to nurse between 3 and 4 least he goes right back to sleep
He plays with his toys by grabbing them and rolling/laughing or by picking them up and banging them on the ground over and over again
He is still happy 99.9% of the time
He is definitely a mama's boy! He doesn't like it much when I put him down or walk away
I pureed some avocado for him to try as his first solid didn't go over well
Here are some pictures from this last month:

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