Thursday, July 15, 2010


Last month, we took our first trip to Chicago! Renny's parents invited us to Chicago as a father's day/Rob's birthday vacation to see Chicago. Robby and Inessa were also able to come, however Stephanie and her boyfriend Jimmy weren't able to come because he was in his step-sister's wedding. 
I was really worried about how Teagan would do on the plane, if she would nap, how she would sleep in the hotel room... if it would end up being any kind of vacation for me... However, Teagan was awesome! This was a trip filled with firsts for the whole family, not just little T. 
First 1st... the plane. Teagan absolutely loves watching planes fly by when we are outside. I wasn't sure how it would translate once we were stuck on one for 4 hours, but Teagan was fascinated! She kept saying, "WOW" and chatted up the flight attendants. She did a good job of floating between her seat, and mommy & daddy.
Second 1st... hotel room.
I was so thankful for this little crib and that it was outside of our bedroom! She was a little apprehensive about going to sleep the first night, but after that she had no problems!

Something I was really looking forward to... Pizza, Chicago style! After we got settled in our rooms, it was time for dinner! We went to Gino's East and it was delicious =)
She was loving her Obbie Dobbie (Uncle Robby in Teagan) this whole trip!

The next day was jam packed! We walked down to Navy Pier to look around and we took the architectural boat cruise, which was awesome! Then we took a water taxi over to the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) and went out onto the Sky Deck... 103 floors up! It took 60 full seconds in a very fast moving elevator. The view was spectacular and the weather was beautiful.
First time on a Ferris Wheel.. Navy Pier
First time on a boat for the Architecture Cruise:
First time for a water taxi ride... she was such a trooper!
A first for all of us.. The Willis Tower:
The next day we had some more firsts, as we made our way to a shopping district called Bucktown. The weather took it's toll on us though... it was super hot and humid! We didn't end up shopping for long.
First time on a city bus!
Waiting to catch her first ride on the subway!
It was just soo hot mommy... time to head back to the hotel!
The next day was Rob's birthday (and my momma's 50th!), and we celebrated by going to see the Angels play the Cubs at Wrigley Field! This was the first series ever that the Angels came out to Wrigley Field, which made it extra special! Along with also being Teagan's first baseball game...We had great seats, got to take a picture with Arte Moreno, got our names on the big screen, and caught a foul ball! 
Before flying home on Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed a Father's Day Brunch at the John Hancock Sky Room on the 95th floor... it was a yummy way to end the trip!
The view from our table..
She was so happy that I finally let her down to walk the streets of Chicago! Most of the time, there were just too many people and cars everywhere for her to be free =)
Cozied up on the plane ride home:
It was a really fun trip and I love that city!! Can't wait to go back for another visit!

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Out of SPACE -- out of TIME said...

what a great trip it was and you pretty much summed it all up in this post. I can't wait to go back and visit again soon.