Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Catching Up!

So I know I haven't updated the blog in a while... I guess I've been having too much fun with Teagan everyday! She is changing each day, doing more and more. I can't believe how much she has grown! Since I last posted an update (6 weeks ago...) here's what she's been up to:
1. she can totally laugh now!! it's so stinkin cute
2. all of a sudden she loves the sound of her voice and doesn't stop talking all day! she really cracks herself up
3. she turns 4 months this week!!!
4. at the last doctor's apt, she weighed 12lbs, 7oz and was 23 3/4 inches. She is back to the 50% percentile. She also got her first vacination for hib... didn't go so well :( She was inconsolably crying her little eyes out for over an hour. It broke my heart! We'll be talking to the doctor more about that.
5. She still refuses to roll over. I really think she might crawl before she gives in to rolling over. She just lay's face down, crying... and scoots all over the blanket.
6. She plays with and grabs her toys now!
7. She is sitting up really well with some support from momma!
8. She loves playing in her rainforest jumper
9. She has fun standing on her little feet while you hold her!
10. She has taken a liking to her mom&baby yoga... I think it's entertaining for her to watch me struggle with my part, lol.
11. She caught her first cold... and gave it to mommy & daddy. She is feeling pretty good now
ooh, I could go on forever about how much fun we are having! =) I need to figure out how to post video's on this site... I have so many! Here are some cute pictures for now.

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Vander Molens said...

It's about time!! She is SOOOOOOO stinkin' cute!! We need to get together again when everyone is better:)